OAN host reacts to FBI Mar-a-Lago search: “We are the closest to Civil War II we've ever been"

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Citation From the August 13, 2022 edition of One America News' Weekly Briefing

CHANEL RION (ONE AMERICA NEWS HOST): This is the end. Any scrap of trust Americans had for our anti-Constitution government was swept completely away this week when 30 of Biden's brownshirt FBI agents descended on the Florida home of Biden's biggest threat, Donald Trump -- rifling through Trump's Mar-a-Lago office, rummaging through Melania's closet, cracking open Trump's safe. To give us the inside scoop, we'll be joined by Eric Trump later in the show, but this is what the end of America's trust in institutions looks like. All week you've heard the following talking points, ‘we're living in a banana republic,' ‘America's weaponized justice system,' ‘they're trying to disqualify Trump from running.' These takes are sadly true. We live in two Americas. We are the closest to Civil War II we've ever been.