OAN host pushes debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory

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Citation From the August 12, 2022 edition of One America News Network's Alison At-Large on Rumble.

ALISON STEINBERG (HOST): I also have to note that while I was researching I found a bit of information that I found particularly interesting that I thought I'd share with you. They mention here that they are aware people have tried to outsmart the system by coming up with clever ways of spelling, or using alternative phrases to bypass censorship or get flagged. For the conservative community, this is no secret as we've all basically had to resort to coming up with an entirely new language just to avoid having our pages deleted.

You know, "waccines," "boosties," "COV-flu" – or hell just even using emojis.

But the reason I bring this up is because I want you to look at the example they used. Look at what they did here. The example they chose to use when referencing this newly formed slang is the term child predators use to avoid getting caught. They literally tell you outright point blank, "'cheese pizza' and other terms involving the letters 'C' and 'P' instead of using child pornography." Wow, out of all possible examples, that's the one they pick.

These demons literally tell you straight to your face what they're doing! But we're labeled the crazy tin foil hat-wearing loonies for calling this out in the pizzagate scandal. Why is it okay for John Podesta to talk about cheese pizza, and hot dogs, and yummy sauces? Is that only acceptable when you are a high-level swamp rat or a member of the World Economic Forum? Why would they suddenly care about catching predators when they themselves are pedophiles praying on innocent children? Oh, that's right, because in typical authoritarian fashion it's rules for thee but not for me. Not that being a pedophile is ever acceptable, I think they should all be eliminated from society quite frankly, but I'm absolutely sickened by these satanic monster who think they get to control our lives.