OAN host on the potential banning of IVF: “Is that even a bad thing?”

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Citation From the May 25, 2022, edition of One America News' Tipping Point

KARA MCKINNEY (HOST): The Supreme Court's decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, which is expected within the next few weeks, is likely to overturn Roe v. Wade and to give the power back to individual states to decide whether or not they will make it illegal to kill a child in its own mother's womb. But tonight, we're going to talk about something potentially even more controversial than abortion. Imagine that. And that is in vitro fertilization. Shortly after the leak of the Dobbs draft, many on the left took to Twitter and the corporate media to warn that overturning Roe could possibly mean that not only could states outlaw abortion, but they could also outlaw IVF. How valid are the left's concerns that some states could ban IVF? And more importantly, is that even a bad thing? Here on this show we take the concept of protecting human life from conception to natural death very seriously. ... Explain to me how personhood laws could impact the most troublesome, I would say, aspects of the IVF industry. 

KATIE BRECKENRIDGE (EXTERNAL AFFAIRS LIAISON, THEM BEFORE US): First I think it's important to talk about the process of IVF, what's involved in the process. So, a lot of pro-lifers don't even seem to understand how harmful this can be, they just think it helps infertile couples to have children, how could it be harmful to children. The first step in the IVF process is creating multiple human embryonic lives in a laboratory. And this is problematic in a few ways because we are intentionally creating human lives knowing that not all of them are going to make it. And as we know, life begins when sperm meets egg, so these are human beings that we are playing trial and error with. 


MCKINNEY: I think many of us on the pro-life side, we really need to take this very seriously. When we talk about it in the abortion debate, and we say we believe that life begins at conception, and that we protect all human life from conception until natural death, that IVF then does play into that as well. These are, as you talk about, little itty bitty babies, little embryos and stuff that are being frozen, or being killed at will if their genetics aren't up to someone's idea of what par would be in that case.