OAN host: “Mitch McConnell is cancer. ... We need to clean house and voters must remove McConnell from power now.”

Pearson Sharp: “McConnell is a traitor who prefers to suck up to the Democrats and the communist Chinese”

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Citation From the August 31, 2022, edition of OAN's One America News

PEARSON SHARP (CORRESPONDENT): President Donald Trump is striking back at the heart of the GOP, Mitch McConnell. Mitch is the definition of a RINO Republican, a charlatan who pretends to stand for the conservatives of America but instead works for America's enemies, selling our nation out and watching as our Constitution burns. A neocon war hawk, McConnell isn't just a symptom of the weakness that has infected the GOP; Mitch McConnell is the disease, and under his leadership, the Republican party has withered up and died. McConnell fought President Trump every step of the way as Trump tried to implement his America first policies, but McConnell is a traitor who prefers to suck up to the Democrats and the communist Chinese. 

His spineless leadership has become all too apparent since Trump's office was stolen in 2020, and now President Trump is calling him out for his betrayal of the American people. Speaking on Truth Social, Trump explained that McConnell isn't an opposition leader for the GOP – he's a pawn for the Democrats to get whatever they want. President Trump pointed out that McConnell is afraid of Democrats and doesn't have the courage to stand up to them and do what needs to get done. I disagree with the president here though, because I don't think Mitch is afraid of the Democrats. I think he's in bed with them. 

President Trump called for McConnell to be replaced as GOP senate leader immediately, which is probably a good idea since the old turtle doesn't like the Republicans running for the Senate. Maybe that's because America's voters are rallying behind leaders chosen by President Trump and are abandoning McConnell's pathetic brand of cowardly conservatism. McConnell recently had the chutzpah to tell reporters that even after everything the villainous Democrats have done to our country, Mitch didn't think Republicans would be able to easily take back the Senate. I don't think that's his opinion, either. I think that's prophecy. I think he's letting voters know that he's going to work with the Democrats to block President Trump's nominees and keep making America last again. Why else would milquetoast Mitch join the Democrats in supporting a gun control bill that gave more federal funding to enforce red flag laws?

It's also worth pointing out that Mitch apparently has closer ties to communist China than to America, and over the years he's bent over backward to help out his wife's family get rich in China. It should be mentioned that Elaine Chao, Mitch's wife, joined her husband in standing against President Trump and working with the illegal and illegitimate January 6 witch hunt. But as revealed by The Federalist, Chao's family is well-connected with the communist Chinese government and runs a shipping company out of China, which largely operates on behalf of the communist Chinese. Since Mitch married Chao, her family's shipping company,  Foremost Group, has gotten a lot of primo deals over the years – kind of like Hunter Biden and China, or Hunter Biden and Ukraine, or Hunter Biden and Russia, or Hunter Biden and pick a country. Most of Mitch McConnell's wife's company is run out of China, where a good number of their ships are actually financed by the Chinese Communist Party, carry out contracts for the Chinese government, and wind up getting U.S. taxpayer-funded loans worth millions of dollars. 

But sellout  Mitch isn't the only problem the GOP faces right now. His traitorous values have opened the door for a whole party full of gutless, impotent Republican shills. For example, just look at the ISD, or the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, which is basically a radical, left-wing watchdog that polices freedom of speech. The website clearly states its goals are fighting conspiracy networks-- which naturally include One America News-- as well as promoting LGBTQ agendas, fighting Islamophobia, and, of course, battling far-right extremism. It's quite a list. But guess who helps fund this fantastically Marxist organization? None other than Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Mitt Romney. But that's not all. Those are just the usual suspects. Sens. Tom Cotton, Joni Ernst, Dan Sullivan, and Kay Granger are also in on it, and they all sit on the board of directors for the International Republican Institute, which donates and helps fund the ISD. All the little Mitch McConnell clones pretend to fight for conservatives while they secretly help destroy our country. 

The bottom line is this Mitch McConnell is cancer and his cohort of pantywaisted Republicans are eating away at the GOP. You and I can complain about the Democrats all day long, but it's these useless Republicans in power who are doing nothing to stop them. President Trump is absolutely right. We need to clean house and voters must remove McConnell from power now and replace him with a leader who actually wants to make America great again.