OAN host Kara McKinney blames feminism for current crime rate

Guest Timothy Gordon: “Real men, fashioned under Christ, need to rise back up and start taking back Western civilization”

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Citation From the October 21, 2022, edition of One America News Network's The Tipping Point

KARA MCKINNEY (HOST): Is this a direct symptom do you think, an outgrowth, of the crisis of masculinity that we have in the West? Because we don't have strong men anymore to keep in check those who do evil.

TIMOTHY GORDON (GUEST): Post-Christendom humanity is savagery. Caught between an echo chamber of on the one side, secularists who are either men that are taking advantage of the situation or on the Christian side, the post-feminist Christian side, men who are essentially gutless, toothless, Ned Flanderses and what needs to happen as you saw a little bit ago with that bus footage is real men, fashioned after Christ, need to rise back up and start taking back Western civilization. Be strong, be tough, be virtuous and stand up for the weak.

MCKINNEY: You know that's exactly right because what have they told us for so many decades now that, you know that prioritizing masculinity as outlined in the bible, that that's how we get violence and aggression. And yet we have seen the opposite. That as we knock down, you know, true masculinity and true men in their status in society. What have we seen? We have seen violence actually going up. You see a lot more, you know, weak men. The kind who prey on women, the kind who prey on children. Those who go after you know, like I said vulnerable people out in the streets. Do you think it actually shows the reverse of what we were told for so long?

GORDON: Absolutely. Masculinity, like true monarchy, is what we should expect in a well-ordered society. Why do the feminists and those who have accepted the premises of the feminists always presume that to be masculine or to be kingly is always to be tyrannical? This is the disordered and what ought to be the rare instance of such a thing. A second ago, Kara, you said that it's more disturbing that no one stepped up and defended this young woman than the fact that there are aggressors themselves. This is absolutely right. We know there are savages in the world. They need to be defended against, dispatched, taken out or at least neutralized, within proportional context to the situation. And, we ought not to be surprised, there will always be savages. What is shocking in a post-Christendom world is that no men are rising up to defend the weak.


MCKINNEY: It's sad that as we see Christianity receding, the pews getting more and more empty as the years go by, the society gets anti-Christian in one aspect and then it starts to attack the church, you know, with hatred and vitriol, but also in the same way we see paganism making a return. Both, you know, on the fringes of the left and the right. Especially on the left with a lot of occult imagery. Me and one of my producers off camera always talk about Barnes & Noble, you can't go into a Barnes & Noble these days without witchcraft and occult imagery everywhere. And it's really being forced on people right now. Do you think this kind of pagan idea of, you know, the strong dominate the weak, you know, vae victis, you know, woe to the vanquished. That that's also kind of making a comeback as well in the post-Christian era that you're describing.

GORDAN: Yeah remember, that's a great point Kara. Remember the original sin between Adam and Eve in the garden is the sin of feminism. A sin of omission on the part of Adam and a sin of commission on the part of Eve. So we ought to know that all of the subversive revolutions that we have seen in the last 300 years, beginning with the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution -- always involve as a centerpiece, a sexual revolution. That's how they've demoralized and destabilized the best most stable regimes the world had to offer. And what we're undergoing now is if you look at figures like Andrew Tate, a kind of overcompensation to feminism. Everyone knows feminism is wrong at this point. Anyone with half a brain. But those who aren't responding from a Christian point of view of strength, I mean manly virile strength, but restrained strength, which is the very essence of the Christian male, restrained strength. Is going to respond in some disordered way even if they get 70% of the equation right. Look at the, look at the Andrew Tate question. Look at the red pill manosphere. The masculinism attempts from essentially neo-pagan points of view. Only Christian masculinism can answer. Only Christian masculinism can save Western civilization.