OAN host defends the government preventing a 10-year-old from having an abortion

Kara McKinney then suggests that the story out of Ohio could be faked

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Citation From the July 6, 2022, edition of OAN's Tipping Point

KARA MCKINNEY (HOST): On July 1st, the Indianapolis Star ran a story about a pregnant ten-year-old Ohio girl who they said was going to have to cross state lines to get an abortion after the fall of Roe. The left-wing narrative machine jumped on the story quicker than you can say Nicholas Sandmann. On July 3rd, CNN's Dana Bash tried to ambush South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem with it. Take a listen.


MCKINNEY: Now, Bash was desperate to get back to the forced birth narrative and ninety seconds later tried to pin no on the idea that her state's laws would force this little girl to give birth. Take a look.


MCKINNEY: A human life is not no longer a human life just because of the way in which they were conceived. We have to look at these horrible situations when they do occur as there being two victims. Now, of course, the young girl herself, but also the unborn child, there are two victims here and it doesn't make things better to now turn the mother against her child, to put enmity between her heart and the heart of her child because of the evil doings of a third party. Yet yesterday, PJ Media journalist Megan Fox, she took a deep dove, though, into this pregnant ten-year-old girl's story and turned up a parade's worth of red flags. First, there was no mention of the crime that necessarily took place, not in the Star article or any of the numerous re-reports in the left-wing media. Not even a mention of the town; wouldn't there have to be a suspect, or at least word of investigation to look for one, as we heard the governor say. Then there is a mention of a child abuse doctor named Caitlyn Bernard. Fox looked into it and discovered that she's an abortionist and an activist who has been a go-to source for left-wing media outlets such as The New York Times, Politico, and The Washington Post over the past five years, very conveniently also has cases currently going on in some of the states involved. Why, Fox asks, was Dr. Bernard's first instinct upon learning of a rape, ten-year-old girl were told to call the media instead of the police. Of course, Dr. Bernard doesn't have to answer any of these questions because of doctor-patient confidentiality. Pretty convenient, as is the timing in the immediate aftermath of Roe being overturned. Basically, we're being asked by the left-wing media to take the word of an activist abortionist that this whole situation is true. And I'm skeptical, to say the very least.