OAN host Dan Ball says “There is a war going on right now” between Americans and the IRS

Guest Pat Fallon calls the IRS a “fiscal Gestapo”

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Citation From the August 11, 2022, edition of One America News Network's Real America with Dan Ball

(HOST) DAN BALL: There is a war going on right now. The war I'm about to speak of is the war American citizens are facing, and it's being elevated every day, here at home. And it's not coming from the Chinese government or the Russian government. It's coming from our government.

Whether they are coming after our gun rights, our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, how we raise our children. Now their latest move is to higher thousands of new armed – heavily armed, military-style grade weaponry – armed IRS agents to come after our hard-earned money – which all they do is waste in the first place.


Why are you hiring, and I mean the government, eighty-seven, why would they want to hire eighty-seven thousand agents, make sure a handful of them are trained, and then tell them you might have to use deadly force? Give them military-grade weaponry, buy all this ammo, if they're not coming and expecting pushback from American people, like myself, if you come and start trying to audit me when I have been nothing but above par on all my taxes since I was a kid. We might have a problem. And I don't think I'm the only American that feels that way.

REP. PAT FALLON (R-TX) (GUEST): Well Dan, you're not, thanks for having me on. And what they're doing it's rather, it's rather chilling. Eighty – and this was part of the build back broke or as I refer to it the Bernie Biden bankruptcy boondoggle – with a quad 'B'.

They wanted to hire eighty-seven thousand new IRS agents and they stuck it in this legislation and it's a piece of garbage, it's a piece of crap. And ya know what? Dan I don't want to hire eighty-seven thousand new IRS agents. I might want to hire eighty-seven thousand new Border Patrol agents.

And then they want to arm them and have their own little military within the IRS. This smacks of central Europe a hundred years ago. This is sounding like some kind of fiscal Gestapo.

BALL: It is! That's exactly what it is.