OAN host Dan Ball on Mar-a-Lago search: “Seems like a set up and plant job to me”

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Citation From the August 11, 2022, edition of One America News Network's Real America with Dan Ball 

BORIS EPSHTEYN (GUEST): This was a historic overreach. Absolutely unprecedented, unnecessary raid where they broke into the president's home, they broke his safe, they broke the lock, the DOJ asked, the DOJ itself broke a lock the DOJ asked to put on a particular room. This was a ludicrous weaponization of the law enforcement system, completely unacceptable. And that is why the American people are in such outrage over it.

DAN BALL (HOST): Yeah, let's back up to what you just said, because I heard that report, so this locked storage room, on the grounds, where he had like sealed boxes from when he was president, that got sent to him I heard through the office of GSA, when they asked for those other documents back in January and the president was working with them, he was cooperating. They said okay the remaining stuff you have, please lock it up. So he had a lock installed on that room. That was a request of our government.

And then they broke the lock to get those same boxes. This sounds like a setup and plant job to me, Boris.