OAN host calls WNBA star Brittney Griner “an America-hating lesbian pothead”

During OAN's final days carried by Verizon, Chanel Rion lobbed homophobic insults at the imprisoned WNBA player

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Citation From the July 30, 2022, edition of OAN's Weekly Briefing with Chanel Rion

CHANEL RION (HOST): The danger of narcissistic denial is it clouds judgment like a drug-addled brain. If you thought Biden's economic team was in denial about what a good job they're doing, look at Biden's foreign policy team. Their judgment is so out of whack. They've lost all sense of perspective. We have a Marine, Paul Whelan, who's been held prisoner for the past three years under grueling conditions in Russia. The Biden administration accomplished nothing toward rescuing him. But WNBA player Brittney Griner gets imprisoned in Russia for carrying drugs, and the liberal elite are outraged. 


RION: Break out the hashtags, free Brittney, make a deal! Recall Brittney Griner protested the American flag and anthem by telling the WNBA these hate symbols had no place in the WNBA. Oh, yeah. Griner is one of theirs, alright. So here's what the geniuses at the Biden State Department drummed up: a trade. A convicted Russian arms dealer, aka merchant of death, in exchange for an America-hating lesbian pothead. Oh, and as a bonus, throw in that Marine, too. How do you think the Russians are seeing this? That the Biden administration leapt into action for a woman who would spit on our flag and anthem but dragged its feet for a Marine who would die for that same flag and anthem, and they see nothing wrong with this? They say America is back? Pure delusion and denial.