OAN host calls nude AI images of Taylor Swift “another psyop”

Alison Steinberg: AI images of Swift were a “Trojan horse” meant to push for more platform content moderation

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Citation From the January 30, 2024, edition of OAN's In Focus with Alison Steinberg

ALISON STEINBERG (HOST): Well I'm glad the White House is so concerned with such pressing matters. I mean, don't we have a wide-open border that's just waiting to be tended to? But the point here is, I'm pretty sure this was yet another psyop, because X actually stopped the search engine results temporarily for this, which I find rather alarming because ultimately it's controlling information, right? I mean, what do you make of this situation and how it was handled, especially considering there are new reports that X is looking to hire 100 new content moderators just by the end of the year?


STEINBERG: But I mean, it does go to show this is definitely an increasing issue that we should all be aware of. And then this Taylor Swift issue, in particular, is sort of the Trojan horse for us to be like, oh, yeah, we do need to crack down on this, we wouldn't want that happening to anyone. But then again, they might use that for nefarious purposes to crack down on further censorship for a multitude of reasons in the future.