OAN host calls for GOP poll workers to stop “woke” Democrats from stealing Virginia governor's race

Christina Bobb: “Are there enough Republican volunteers to make sure there's no midnight ballot drop?”

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Citation From the October 23, 2021, edition of OAN's Weekly Briefing

CHRISTINA BOBB (HOST): We're currently living in this weird dystopia where the ruling class is trying to force us to believe that the majority of Americans support their totalitarian efforts. We do not. The majority, the vast majority, of Americans believe in a free society, respect differing opinions, and understand the value of competing ideas. Just as iron sharpens iron, differing opinions help us come to the best answer for a given situation.

So why would the left be working so hard to snuff out the dissent? Or to make us believe the majority is actually the dissent? We're not. The dissent is good for all of us, whether we agree with it are not. Why are they trying to crush it?

Because their goal is total domination. Their goal is not to create the best society for Americans to thrive. Their goal is to centralize power with them, not to be shared. That obviously is not the best option for our nation, so they must silence opposition and hope the American people can't figure out what they're doing. The liberal media lapdogs are working hard to steal our voice and silence any views that aren't woke.


How did this nation fall to such a group of pansy little brats? Well, conservatives, and more specifically the RNC, have refused to hold people accountable. Enough decades go by with no accountability, and people have begin to believe they should never have accountability. Sure, the woke trend started with the younger generation. But they raised their voices loud enough and our leaders did what they've learned to do: They folded.

So what do we do to fix this? Get involved. This whole crazy dystopia comes down to one issue: Did we secure our elections? 2020 proved to us how Democrats cheated. Are we doing enough to ensure that they cannot repeat their heist on a massive scale in 2022? Or, in a couple weeks, for those off-year races like Virginia's governor? Americans need to get involved and step up.

What can you do? Volunteer to be a poll worker. Virginia's governor's election is November 2nd, in just a few weeks. Are there enough Republican volunteers to make sure there's no midnight ballot drop? Are there enough volunteers bold enough to ask questions of suspicious people doing suspicious things? We need bold people working the polls. Get involved and volunteer. Find a local organization and get involved in protecting your elections. If we don't secure our elections, nothing else matters.