OAN host blames the sexual revolution for “incel” mass shootings

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Citation From the October 18, 2022, edition of OAN's Tipping Point with Kara McKinney

KARA MCKINNEY (HOST): We’re not the first culture to experiment with, you know, free sex. That’s something that’s actually been tried many, many times before, and what you see through a lot of — especially a lot of ancient and pagan societies, is that the most high status of men, that they’re going to get all the women. And that it’s the lower status men who are not going to get women. And of course what you see in those men, you see a lot of them turning to aggressive violence, trying to kidnap women. 

There’s a lot of problems socially that actually fall out from that, that women — that’s why you have the trope of the harems, you know, with the king. You know, he gets his pick of all the nice young ladies. And then like I said, the guys at the bottom of the totem pole, they can’t even find a single wife to settle down with. 

And so we kind of see that today, but for a lot of young men who aren’t, like we were saying earlier, aren’t having sex — and of course we should see that within the confines of marriage, but a lot of men, what do they turn to instead? They turn to porn, they turn to alcohol, they turn to drugs. We see the nihilistic mass shooter; plenty of them have been called “incel,” and I know that term’s been used by the left in a weaponized way, and so I don’t mean it like that, but there is even young men who feel angry and hatred toward women. But again what they’re mad at, and what women should be mad at, is actually the sexual revolution. Because it’s put men and women, actually both of us, in a very bad place.