OAN host blames Biden for beheading, says it has “nothing to do with MAGA or Trump”

Dan Ball: “Some of what the man said actually probably makes sense and resonates with some seeing what has been happening to our country”

Content warning: This segment features graphic footage of the victim that was blurred by OAN. The images appear approximately two minutes into the clip.

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Citation From the January 31, 2024, edition of OAN's Real America

DAN BALL (HOST): So now let's head to Pennsylvania and fill you in on what took place and why the Democrats and left are now trying to exploit this horrific tragedy, all for political gain, which in and of itself is just disgusting. So here we go, 32-year-old Justin Mohn is behind bars today accused of decapitating his father because he was a federal employee and he was a deranged son who thought that his father wasn't backing him up and was a traitor to the nation.

It's believed that Mohn, who refers to himself as the leader of a militia, killed his father and then cut his head off, then posted a 14-minute, typed-out manifesto YouTube video. The rant includes several attacks on the federal government and references to the Biden regime, the illegal invasion of our country, corrupt organizations like the DOJ, the Department of Education, the FBI, oh, BLM, and antifa. So, some of what the man said actually probably makes sense and resonates with some seeing what has been happening to our country. 

Now, Mohn allegedly beheaded his 68-year-old father Tuesday night at their home [in] Middleton Township. That's in Bucks County, about 25 miles northeast of Philadelphia. Police say he then took part in this YouTube tirade, blaming the federal government for woke mobs and illegal aliens that he claims are destroying the fabric of the United States. At one point, the suspect says that this is the head of Mike Mohn, a federal employee of 20 years, and my father. He is now in hell for eternity as a traitor to his nation. 

You can see that in some of the video, which we did record. I have viewed this. It's a 14-plus-minute clip. I've watched it twice all the way through so I could hear every single word of what the man said to see if, for some reason, what Democrats and the mainstream media are now claiming was true. It's not.

Now in the clip. You do see this young disturbed man holding up, I believe two times, what appears to be the head of his father in a plastic bag. It remained on YouTube for six hours and had over 5,000 views before YouTube officials pulled it down. Which makes me question why did they leave it up so long? We'll get to that with our first guest in just a minute.


Of course, the left-wing stenographers in the lamestream media are now screaming that Mohn was influenced by Donald J. Trump and the MAGA movement. However, the legacy press conveniently fails to highlight the facts. And the fact is Mohn was not a fan of Trump's. In fact, as I said, I watched this clip all the way through, not one time does he mention anything closely related to America First, MAGA, or say Donald Trump's name.

You can see in the video he is obviously mentally stressed. He is upset with his government and his father, and obviously, in a psychotic episode, he carried out a brutal murder. In a since-deleted social media post, Mohn actually rails against what he describes as the American, quote, "cult mentality,” writing, “Even my own family upholds this cult belief and is willing to go to jail to prove it." He says this: “Donald Trump, if this does not get fixed ASAP,” this was when Trump was in office, he posted this, “then you will be in jail for the rest of your life after I sue you for everything you own. That's not a threat. That's a promise, bitch.” End quote. Sounds like a fan of Trump? Don't think so.

I don't think this man was a fan of Republicans or Democrats, but an anarchist who hated his government, and obviously, he was under mental distress. In the middle of the video, he also calls for the killing of pretty much every federal employee who won't resign if the militias demand they do. He also claims that he is now the acting president. He even says he might even possibly be the next messiah. He tells other militia groups though, in the video, not to harm Democrat Pennsylvania Gov. Shapiro. A Democrat. Just saying. These are things the man said. These are facts. 

Now, in addition to an obvious mental break with reality, the young man claimed he is in the middle of several lawsuits against local, state, and federal officials. You know why? You ready for this one? He's suing over his college debt because he said he had a bunch of college debt but couldn't find gainful employment. Now who put in the minds of young Americans that their college debt was going to be forgiven when they ran for president? Hmm? You know who I'm talking about. 

So a few more things about this young, sick man. First, this is someone who is not mentally stable, OK? You can't put in a box and say that's a Trump supporter. Also, we don't know the dynamics of his relationship with his father, nor if his father was a federal employee. These are statements he made. And all of this, again, has nothing to do with MAGA or Trump. What does have to do with what's happening in the country, though, seemed to radicalize him. What's been happening in our country under Democrat and Biden rule. So you have a young man who is a ticking time bomb, and what set him off? Donald J. Trump? I don't think so.