OAN host attacks teen forced to ask a Texas judge for an abortion: “It's almost kind of a story of selfishness”

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Citation From the October 22, 2021, edition of One America News' In Focus with Stephanie Hamill

STEPHANIE HAMILL (HOST): It's so sad that this young girl thought she had no other option but to abort the child. But it also doesn't surprise me considering networks like CNN are so for it. Like, of course they want her to share her story because it pushes their narrative that abortion is the answer. But what about all the women who are out there who regret it or those who are happy that they kept their child?


This story is rather shocking. It almost kind of tells a story of selfishness. It’s like they make it seem like it’s one or the other, like you can’t be a successful career woman if you are pregnant and have a child. And so, they make it seem the only option is to abort your child, and I think that’s like, a really despicable message.”