OAN host and guest attack pro-choice parents who brought kids to protests

Anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson: “These people need to have CPS called on them”

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Citation From the June 27, 2022, edition of OAN's Real America with Dan Ball

ABBY JOHNSON (ANTI-ABORTION ACTIVIST): When somebody tells you who they are, believe them, right? That's — that's the saying, right? And these people are completely unhinged. They are not mentally well. There was literally a lady, a doctor standing outside — she looked 8 to 9 months pregnant — she was staging outside —

DAN BALL (HOST): Yep, we've got the pic. 

JOHNSON: Holding a sign that said, “Don't force this on anyone."

BALL: While her kid was next to her. Yeah, hopefully, we can get that pic up. I saw that. Disgusting. Yes.

JOHNSON: I'm like, these people need to have CPS called on them, OK.

BALL: I know. 

JOHNSON: These are abusers.  

 BALL: What damages does that do, if the kid can read? I saw another one with a sign similar to that too, saying, you know, this shouldn't be — it was more than just that doctor. It was more people with those types of signs, even having their kids carry them in Los Angeles, NBC. What's that little kid think? “So Mommy didn't want me, I'm lucky to be?" I mean, the damage these wackos are doing — anyway.