OAN guest Terry Schilling: Admiral Rachel Levine speaks “with a forked tongue”

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Citation From the December 10, 2022, edition of OAN's Weekly Briefing

CHANEL RION (host): The U.S. assistant secretary for health, Rachel Levine, argued that the rising transgenderism in America today can be attributed to greater acceptance of visibility, not societal changes. Listen.

RACHEL LEVINE (Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services):  In fact, there is medical evidence that we do not have, there is evidence that we do not have widespread, socially created phenomenon of transgender self-identification. One June 2019 paper published in Translational Andrology and Urology was titled "Demographic and Temporal trends in Transgender Identities and Gender-confirming Surgery," and this highlighted that more — it is indeed true that more people living in this country identify as transgender and gender non-binary. But, they note that the wider medical literature attributes this increase to better survey methods, greater social acceptance and visibility rather than any societal changes that have increased the actual rate of transgender self-identification. 

RION: Terry I think I only caught about half of what [she] was saying, and even Levine had trouble wording, mouthing what — what [she was] saying, so your thoughts on it? 

TERRY SCHILLING (President, American Principle's Project): These people are completely evil. I'm so sick of it. I'm just so sick of it. They're so evil. They're so — they lie. They speak with a forked tongue. While [she's] saying there's no evidence that there are societal changes, you know what else  There's no evidence for? That Gender transitions have any improvement on someone's life, and, in fact— 

RION: Or their mental health

SCHILLING: Or their mental health. They actually — suicidality increases in a lot of these studies that actually have any merit. They want to push this agenda in our kids for two reasons: the medical industries, big pharmaceutical companies are making so much money off of, literally billions of dollars a year. It's going to continue growing. That's why they're targeting kids. But then there are these like Marxists in this country that look at gender and biological sex as a construct of the patriarchy that's causing harm to everyone. They want to eliminate gender. They want your little baby girl to grow up and become a man and become something androgynous that doesn't even make sense. They can't procreate. They can't start their own family. They're passing on their unhappiness, their misery to so many little children who are going to be having their breasts removed, having, being infertile, and sterilized.

RION: Yeah mutilating children.

SCHILLING: I'm just so sick of it, Chanel, and these are the most evil people and they call, they demonize us for wanting to protect kids. I'm just done and I —  look, I hate talking about the trans issue. We were joking before, I'm the trans guy and I'm fine with that, but I, because of our kids, right? Like it's. It's embarrassing. I talk about female johnson's. I talked about pregnant men. It's embarrassing. It's humiliating, but it's all worth it if I can, if we can just save like one kid from going down this route and ruining their lives, it's worth it. But these are just I'm sorry for kind of going out. I just, I really can't stand them. They're so evil and they're just wreaking havoc.