OAN guest: “Planned Parenthood's goal is to get all the kids hooked on sex”

Anti-abortion extremist Jim Sedlak: PPFA is “stealing the souls of our young people because they're leading them into lives of sexual sin”

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Citation From the October 19, 2021, edition of OAN's Tipping Point

KARA MCKINNEY (OAN HOST): I love it. So, when over the years as you've done this, has Planned Parenthood ever fought back? Have they ever, perhaps, targeted you perhaps? Have you had any pushback whatsoever from them?

JIM SEDLAK (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF AMERICAN LIFE LEAGUE): Well in the early days, yes, when we were just getting started and just fighting Planned -- I worked for IBM at the time. I have since long retired from them. But they actually tried to get me fired from my job at IBM by claiming that I was saying that IBM was against Planned Parenthood. Of course, whether they were or not, it wasn't my position to make that kind of a statement. We fought that. We actually fought that in court and won a battle because they used the local health department to send a letter to IBM. So, they do go after individuals, but basically not too much because we only tell the truth. We go out there and tell people what Planned Parenthood is doing. We tell them Planned Parenthood, for example last year, killed 345,000 babies; that Planned Parenthood did their first abortion in 1970 and by the end of this year, they will have killed 9 million babies in their own facilities.

But more than just the abortion, we fight Planned Parenthood's sex education programs, because Planned Parenthood's goal is to get all the kids hooked on sex so they will buy products from Planned Parenthood-- the birth control products -- and then when, not if, the birth control products fail, they'll sell them abortions. And we point out to people that not only is Planned Parenthood killing 345,000 babies a year, but they're also stealing the souls of our young people because they're leading them into lives of sexual sin, lives that will be difficult for them to pull themselves out of later, and that puts their immortal souls in danger.

MCKINNEY: And I'm so happy that you just made that point because I think that's something that often gets lost in the conversation, because as horrific as the genocide of the unborn babies is, as you're talking about it, I believe it was in the Bible as well when Jesus says that not necessarily to kill those who can only kill the flesh, but those who can kill the soul as well. That's exactly what abortion does. It kills a baby, an unborn baby, but also it leaves the mother's own soul and the father and whoever else allowed and helped this to go through-- the abortion doctors themselves and their staff-- it puts their mortal souls in jeopardy as well. I think that's one of the biggest issues, actually, here. We're not saving just the babies, but saving the women from themselves, from the clutches of these abortion doctors and others who do evil to their own souls.

And I want to get to the sex-ed in just a moment because it's mind-blowing that not only is Planned Parenthood the largest abortion provider in this nation, but they're one of the largest providers of sex-ed material in the classroom as well. And so, saving that for just a moment, I want to go back to what we hear all the time from the left. They say, well, you know, abortion is only about 3% of what Planned Parenthood does -- and yet in states like Texas which have put in some really great pro-life legislation recently, you hear Planned Parenthood bellyaching that the lack of abortions is really cutting into their profits. So which is it, does Planned Parenthood -- is 3% only from abortions or is it more of what they do?

SEDLAK: Well, Planned Parenthood takes in over $200 million dollars a year from abortions alone, so it is not a minuscule part of their business. And you're right, we've seen numbers out of Texas where Planned Parenthood is saying that they've lost as many as 80% of their customers because they can't get abortions. So, you know, the lies eventually come out, and when people find out what the truth is if they listen to what's going on. So Planned Parenthood is abortion. Planned Parenthood brought abortion to this nation. People don't know that in 1955, 18 years before the Supreme Court decision, Planned Parenthood ran a national conference on abortion to try to figure out how to get abortion legalized here in the United States. They've been pushing for abortion since day one. They are the people that brought abortion to the United States. And they're the people trying to keep it going, keep it going, even though it's just killing our future generations.

MCKINNEY: It is, and of course they can trace back their unholy legacy back to Margaret Sanger -- an actual eugenicist, an actual racist, a very nasty woman. I believe she was even pen pals with Nazis back in the day, someone who advocated for the one-child policy that China ended up adopting which led to the mass slaughter of so many unborn babies, specifically young girls, that led to the gender imbalance that we see in the nation today in China. But of course, you had Margaret Sanger wanting the same thing to happen here of people that she thought were human weeds, and all these other horrific terms that she used for human beings. But looking at the sex-ed material that's leaking into our classrooms -- I'm so happy that your organization is also going after that. So talk to us a little about what the materials are from Planned Parenthood. Also, do parents seem to know about this? They talk a lot about [critical race theory] and everything else in the classroom, but this is a big deal. And I don't think enough parents are aware of this.

SEDLAK: What we find out with parents is very, very offensive. It's very detailed at the youngest grade levels. To give you one example. We found a program in Vermont a number of years ago where in the first grade, a boy and a girl were told to stand next to each other, and they were fully clothed and there was no touching. But they each had to name all the parts of the other body including the genitals and the buttocks. That's first grade. That's the kind of details that they like to get into. And they like to push very hard on that.

The problem with their sex education program is that it just doesn't recognize that there's a sexual latency period, that between the ages of six and puberty, that a child should not be exposed to sex information because it hinders all kinds of development, including developed compassion. If you think we have a compassion-less society, a lot of it is because of the sex education program that is foisted on these children in the early years.

So the Planned Parenthood plan is to get the kids hooked on sex with the sex education, and then sell them birth control products at a huge profit. For example, the birth control pill at Planned Parenthood usually costs you $17 or $18, which is less than what it costs at a local pharmacy, but Planned Parenthood, because it's a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization pays about a dollar and a half for the pills that they're selling for $18. It's a tremendous amount of profit that they take in from those. And the birth control pills are abortifacients. They have three methods of operating, and one of those is to prevent implantation of an already created human being. So when Planned Parenthood says abortion is only part of their business, they're only counting the surgical abortions and the pill abortions, they're not counting all the babies that die because of their birth control pills and their contraceptives.

MCKINNEY: I mean talk about blood money. And I want to return quickly to something that you mentioned earlier when we talked about some of the sex-ed being applied to our children's classrooms. It is because if you look at the number of abortions happening yearly, thankfully, actually there seems to be a decline. Something that even the Planned Parenthood, their research institution, the Guttmacher Institute, even said that a lot of this is happening not because of strict pro-life laws but there is actually just a general decline of abortions being sought in this nation. Which is a great thing for us on the pro-life side of things, not so great if you make your money killing unborn babies as Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics, they tend to do. So looking at it, do you think a lot of the sex-ed being introduced to the classroom, as you mentioned earlier, that truly a lot of it is meant to create the next generation of customers?

SEDLAK: Well, that's why you see the big push right now. The big push is to force the sex education in, they have an obejective of getting K-12 sex education in every school district in the nation. They also want to get a school-based clinic in every area of the nation. The idea behind a school-based clinic is they can actually call the kids out of class and ask have you taken your pill today? It's really insidious. But whenever the number of customers goes down, they always increase their push for sex education programs.

And these days, what they're doing is training what they call peer educators. Peer educators are young people trained to go out and get their friends to be customers of Planned Parenthood. And when Planned Parenthood does this, one of the things they do is to encourage the peer educators, they will frequently reward them for every one of their friends who becomes a customer of Planned Parenthood, or as is happening right now as we found out from one of our fighters in our network, there's actually an Indian reservation in California where Planned Parenthood is teaching sex education, they have an eight-class schedule and if the young people attend four of the classes they get $10 gift certificate and if they attend all eight, they get a $20 gift certificate. So it's something that they push and they pay money for it because they know it will build their business.

MCKINNEY: I'm glad you're doing something to stop this and fight back against Planned Parenthood and all the ills that they are allowing to grow throughout the nation -- all their little tentacles, if you will.