OAN guest Jeffrey Lord likens the January 6 committee to a “lynch mob”

Lord: “This is a put-up job, it's a political witch hunt, a lynch mob, however you want to describe it”

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Citation From the October 21, 2021, edition of OAN's The Real Story with Natalie Harp

NATALIE HARP (OAN HOST):  Joining us now with his reaction, former Reagan White House political director and conservative columnist, Jeffrey Lord. Jeffrey, can you believe the timing on this? The Democrats are experts and masters at timing, even the RINOs. We should be talking about inflation, shortages, but no, January 6.

JEFFREY LORD (CONSERVATIVE COLUMNIST): I've got a column coming out in American Spectator tomorrow calling the president, President Joe Hoover. Because I think he's been as bad for Democrats now as Herbert Hoover was in the long ago for Republicans for decades. But you know, Natalie, one of the things, Jim Jordan, God bless him, is absolutely right about them not doing a full investigation. And I would suggest and have suggested there are two people that should be subpoenaed along with everyone else. One is Nancy Pelosi herself, and the other is the congressman you just showed there, Congressman Jamie Raskin from Maryland. I don't know how many people know, Congressman Raskin is a senior member of the House Administration Committee. And what is the task of the House Administration Committee? They're responsible for security of the House side of the capital. So where was that security on January 6? It wasn't there. Because Congressman Raskin and Speaker Pelosi didn't do their jobs. 

So Congressman Jordan is exactly right. This is a put-up job, it's a political witch hunt, a lynch mob, however you want to describe it. Its one objective is to get Donald Trump. That's what it's all about, and its ridiculous.

HARP: And trying to criminalize the right to protest, the people that were peacefully and patriotically there, there were hundreds of thousands of people there that did not participate in that attack. So when you talk about it, they really are trying to demonize all Trump supporters and make all Trump supporters out to be anarchists and insurrectionists because they're afraid of the power of this movement. President Trump got the most votes that a sitting president has ever gotten. That's 75 million Americans that they're trying to terrorize into thinking you can't speak your mind before. Before, people were afraid to identify as Trump supporters, now it's even more dangerous to identify as a Trump supporter in their book.