OAN guest: Government response to January 6 is “the modern version of what Hitler did to get himself in power”

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Citation From the March 14, 2023, edition of OAN's In Focus with Addison Smith

ADDISON SMITH (HOST): I want to bring on Jonathan Gilliam to discuss this. Formy Navy SEAL and FBI special agent, author of the bestselling book, Sheep No More, the Art of Awareness and Attack Survival. Jonathan, this is this footage is misleading. This clip is taken out of context. That's coming from the people who released like two seconds of footage and then held the rest from the public eye for two years. 

JONATHAN GILLIAM (GUEST): Yeah. And this is nothing new. I mean, this is truly the modern version of what Hitler did to get himself into power and keep himself into power by blaming somebody else for burning down you know one of their buildings and causing a complete collapse where he could get in using propaganda. And I think what we see here and what we saw with the sham committee hearing that they had -- the January 6 committee hearing is that they will suppress a person's freedom and then put out a narrative and only show -- they do the same thing that they accuse everyone else of doing. So they only showed particular things that they could craft into a narrative in the J6 committee hearing. And when you look at this video right here, I mean, from an investigative standpoint, what stands out for me is that one this QAnon Shaman really didn't have control of the group. There are people telling them that, you know, they're not interested, they're staying, they're doing what they want. He says, Well, you're free Americans. This guy, it was known at different rallies for showing up. It was a shtick that this guy did. He was not in control of things at January 6. He's just the biggest and loudest and brightest thing that was there. And that's what the left loves to use big, shiny things so they can make a point and make a fake point. And that's what they did right here.