OAN guest encourages members of Congress to destroy January 6 evidence

OAN guest Steve Gray: “I would suggest that those individuals who still have that phone get rid of it right now because the FBI will be coming for it”

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Citation From the August 10, 2022, edition of OAN's Real America with Dan Ball

DAN BALL (HOST): I hate to say this about something. I know you dedicated decades of your life to Steve, but something stinks in Denmark. We got a lot of corrupt FBI officials. I'm not going to say field agents because I'm pretty sure this is starting at the top. Right?

STEVE GRAY (FORMER FBI AGENT): It starts at the top. I'm appalled by the FBI and embarrassed to be an FBI agent today. This is disgusting what they've been doing to – not only the far left I'm sorry, the far-right, but our Republicans. But I left the FBI because basically the FBI became politicized and became left-leaning. And that's one of the reasons why I ran for Congress, because I wanted to change that and fix that. But now we – it's open season on anybody. And you only have to look at Scott Perry to understand that these FBI agents approached Scott Perry and – while he was with his family and took his personal cell phone. They could have waited to get that phone. They could have waited till he was away from his family. But they didn't. They wanted to make an example of Scott Perry and just like they wanted to make an example out of Peter Navarro and now Donald Trump. This reeks of weaponization and politicization.

BALL: It sure is. And folks, if you don't know what Mr. Gray is talking about, a day after they raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, FBI agents walked up to the congressman and said, give me your phone. And they just took his phone. Witht no, like I mean, I would hope there's paperwork. And who would sign off on that? Because I'm sorry if an FBI agent walks up to me tomorrow and says, Dan, give me your phone, I'm probably going get arrested because I'm not giving them my phone.

STEVE GRAY (FORMER FBI AGENT): Yeah, absolutely. You listen, every single Republican congressman and senator should be worried right now because anybody that was connected to January 6th or their phone was connected to January 6th, the FBI is coming for it. I would suggest that those individuals who still have that phone get rid of it right now because the FBI will be coming for it.

BALL: Mmm. Now, what's interesting is you're talking January 6th, but the media and everybody's playing this raid as looking for documents that President Trump may have taken from the White House when he left, which has nothing to do with January 6th. So is that just the cover? 

GRAY: Absolutely.

BALL: I thought so.

GRAY: The FBI agents – the FBI today are making crimes and then going and looking for evidence after the fact. And that's basically what they're doing with Donald Trump now. They made up a crime. They enter his home, which is the ultimate invasion of privacy with 30 agents. They go into his home and they ransack it. They literally search every nook and cranny of his home. But, you know, they're looking for evidence for a crime, not of a crime, and that's what's disgusting about the FBI today.

BALL: Yeah. What I'm worried about is planting. And it's interesting, I said it right after it went down and then I saw President Trump tweet it out, I think late last night, early today, saying the words, I hope they don't plant something because the boxes they took were boxes that the White House sealed and sent to him. So they would have known what was inside of them. So why would you want to come down, take those out of a locked storage unit? They didn't allow any Trump personnel or lawyers in the building while they were doing it. It was just the FBI agents. And now they're going to get those boxes back to D.C. and find something to incriminate him. That's what I'm worried about. Steve Gray, thank you for coming on the program. Being honest about a profession I know that you loved and dedicated so many years to, but it's a sad state of affairs. I don't know if I'm ever going to have trust back in these institutions now after this.