OAN guest: “Black people are not telling the truth about what happened in Tulsa. ... It wasn't a massacre.”

Jesse Lee Peterson: “I don't believe that whole story about what happened in Tulsa. It's not as dramatized as the race hustlers are making it out to be.”

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Citation From the June 1, 2021, edition of OAN's The Tipping Point

JESSE LEE PETERSON (RADIO HOST): And I don't believe that whole story about what happened in Tulsa. It's not as dramatized as the race hustlers are making it out to be. I guarantee you they have rewritten history. They have written it to be something that is more dramatic so they can make white people look racist, make them look mean, as though they hate all Black people so they can control the Blacks, have a warfare going on between the Blacks and the whites, and while Blacks and whites are going at it with one another, they are taking money and power and controlling the people.

This -- Black people are not telling the truth about what happened in Tulsa. I don't know the exact story, but it wasn't a massacre. In the good old days, it was a riot, and today it was a riot. But they want reparations, and if white folks don't start standing up, we're going to have in America what is happening in South Africa. South African whites allowed the Blacks to take over. Now they're taking their homes and land without compensation. They're destroying the police departments. White people are being raped and murdered and killed along the roadside. Nobody is doing anything about it because whites have no protection.

The same thing is happening in America. This is a battle between good and evil, and these people should not be allowed to assemble with weapons and talking about taking white people's lives. “We're going to kill all the whites!" This is against the law. It's unconstitutional. It's evil. Somebody needs to get the nerve and go and arrest these people and send a loud message that we're not going to let anyone do this. You can't threaten other people just because you're a failure, you're a loser. It's not white people's fault that Black people have lost their way. It's Black people's fault, it's the Black person's fault -- it's not even all Black people's fault that other Black people are losers, right? As adults, we are responsible for our own life, and in this country, it's up to you what you want to do in life. No one is holding you back but yourself. And these people are blaming others because they're losers, they're cowards. They have no love. They're evil.

KARA MCKINNEY (HOST): And that's something you touched on earlier when it comes to woke ideology. That's what always -- it gets me, because it's just so -- it flips everything on its head. You hear the biggest purveyors on the left of all this, the whole racism narrative, but everything they say about Black Americans and about other minorities in this country, is they say that something of white supremacy is being on time, is being conscientious, is being a hard worker, as if people who are not white do not exhibit any of those characteristics. That's true racism. It's strange that the big race-baiters of today, they actually take what a white supremacist of 1950s would actually say, but they just flip it on its head today. It always just blows my mind.

I believe it was actually the Smithsonian just last summer that actually had the whole graphic out there. And of course it caused some outrage, but it caused outrage on the right and not on the left. And unfortunately, this is how a lot of white liberals see their fellow Americans. We should see each other as all individuals -- and our race and everything, that's not even secondary, it's so far down the list. But unfortunately, I think that's how a lot of white liberals do in fact see -- that's why they have their white savior complex and they feel like it's up to them to save the world.

And it's really just such a sad and sorry state of affairs that we're seeing right now, how the whole race-baiting narrative, how that gets weaponized by the BLM wokesters, you know, the Patrisse Cullors and other trained Marxists. They don't believe what they're saying. They are the ones cashing in the -- you know, the checks at the bank, getting their mansions, and while, you know, the rest of us who are living just normally in the streets, we're the ones left to pick up the pieces of the racial hatred the people at the top are the ones spewing. But Jesse, always a pleasure having you on. Thank you so much for joining us tonight.

PETERSON: Thank you for having me. And the real massacre is happening in the Black community with Black on Black crime and Blacks attacking whites. That's the real massacre. Not Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's happening in our neighborhoods every day. They need to deal with that.