OAN dropped by Frontier

Dan Ball to Frontier, DirecTV, and Verizon: “You three know where you can stick it”

One America News has been dropped by yet another carrier. As of November 1, the network is no longer available on Frontier.

On November 2, OAN host Dan Ball responded to a piece of viewer mail about the news by lashing out at Frontier and other providers that have also recently dropped the network.

“Folks, yes, Frontier dropped us on November 1. So that adds up, the tally now this year, from DirecTV, Verizon, to Frontier," Ball said. "Three major carriers censoring One America News. You three know where you can stick it.”

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Citation From the November 2, 2022, edition of OAN's Real America with Dan Ball

As Ball said,  OAN has lost numerous contracts in 2022. DirecTV announced in January that it would drop OAN, prompting Ball to solicit viewers for “dirt” on the AT&T board chairman. The contract, which was part of a 2017 settlement with AT&T, expired in April. In July, amid OAN’s multiple public attacks on Verizon, it also lost that contract, even though OAN founder Robert Herring claimed to offer the channel for free. And now, in November, OAN has also lost Frontier.

The viewer asked about Cox and Spectrum, but they also do not carry OAN, so Ball plugged perhaps the network’s best hope: streaming OAN from its own website, or on KlowdTV, a streaming app owned by the Herring family which is still available on the Apple and Android app stores. 

“No money going to those a-holes at those other providers,” Ball concluded.

OAN has been apparently been scrambling to replace its lost reach. Gizmodo reported in October that the network is available as a subchannel (also known as a diginet) through TV antennas in nearly 30 markets, with a stated goal of 100 markets by the end of 2022.