Right-wing host calls Elmo a “groomer” after Sesame Street shows the puppet getting vaccinated

BlazeTV's Chad Prather on OAN: “What happens in a month? Is Elmo going to get a vasectomy?”

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Citation From the July 1, 2022, edition of OAN's Real America with Dan Ball

DAN BALL (HOST): Did you hear? [laughter] Elmo got vaccinated. That's my best Elmo, sorry, I had a little daughter and when she was growing up, I worked on the impersonations. So anyway, Elmo is not shy to take the experimental jab, and so, the folks at Sesame Street and the regime and CNN, and the rest of 'em, all wanted to publicize it so kids, of course, you know, six months and up will go out and take an experimental jab. So, yes, Elmo, you went woke.


BALL: Where do you want to start? I mean, when you and I grew up watching Sesame Street, I don't think Elmo was as woke as he is today, and now I have to give the voice up. I've been doing it for, like, twelve, thirteen years for my kid, but now Elmo is woke, I'm done.

CHAD PRATHER (BLAZETV HOST): Listen, my kids are older, I'm older at this point. I thought it was a pretty good impersonation! You know, next week, on Sesame Street, "M" will be for myocarditis. I've always said that Elmo is a groomer anyway. They use these puppets to try to influence kids with their agenda. Sesame Street was started by liberals, it's being continued by liberal progressiveness. It is another way to get messaging out to try to shape the minds of the next generation. This is not family-friendly entertainment. It's not. This actually should be illegal. You are pushing -- I mean, what happens in a month? Is Elmo going to get a vasectomy? How much can we continue to push on this medical tyranny on our kids using a puppet? I guess they're using – Joe Biden is a puppet, so I guess it's fitting.

BALL: And he likes to touch kids, so maybe they'll use Elmo to start grooming kids and touching them and because, I mean, he always is.

[laughter] Tickle me Elmo, Tickle Me Elmo.

Now it's going to be – he wants to get tickled in his no-no spots or something, I don't know what the hell is going to be next. Anyway, are we right? We're not – I hate that we have to make light of this, but it's for real, folks.

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