CEO of right-wing Bud Light knockoff attacks Budweiser, saying the company is “afraid to say we're sorry we put a mentally ill person as a sponsor of our brand”

On OAN, Ultraright Beer's Seth Weathers says Budweiser offered a “fake apology” for collaboration with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney

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Citation From the April 17, 2023, edition of OAN's In Focus

ALISON STEINBERG (HOST): Congratulations on the overnight success. I'm so happy for you. I want to get your take on this: a top executive at Anheuser-Busch issued an apology.

SETH WEATHERS (CEO, FREEDOM SPEAKS UP): Apology is a strong word. There was no apology, okay. Fake Apology.

STEINBERG: Ah yeah. It was pretty. Pathetic, right? They basically said they never intended to be part of a discussion that divides people. Is that what they meant by that?

WEATHERS: I can't use these words on your air. But his response was basically we're listening, we hear the people, we don't want to offend anyone so we'll think back and listen. We know what that means. He's still afraid to say we're sorry we put a mentally ill person as sponsor of our brand in front of America and said this was a great thing. He won't say that. So until we hear that, nothing has changed. And they're continuing to run from this. This is what the companies think of you. Look at their CEO. Look at what their executive involved in this has to say about the brand and beer and behind it, you look at her LinkedIn and she's a she/her/it/they, and they're treating us so.

Conservatives in the past have always caved. So this is our opportunity for the first time in our life to not cave to these Individuals. So It's a chance to stand up. And In the past, maybe we stopped going to a football game or two and moved on and went back. This has to be a line in the sand. Never buy another product -- you don't have to buy my beer. It would be nice-- but buy any other beer but Anheuser-Busch. Never again. Let this be a line in the sand. Let this be a huge lesson to corporate  America because we currently have zero capital with corporate America and this will be the opportunity to finally have that. The woke side, they, that's why they're afraid to denounce it. The woke side will scream and yell and actually boycott a company and never go back to them. We have to set a standard that we're going to do that. My house is filled with items made in communist China but we can stick to one. 

STEINBERG: I really agree with you. We have to stay true to that. Vote with your dollar. People talk about it all the time and I see people walking around with a Starbucks. It's not okay. Sin you mentioned it. Conservatives cave and don't hold the line.


STEINBERG:  Budweiser, who is also owned by Anheuser-Busch released this pro-American ad featuring one of the Clydesdale horses running by famous American landmarks. Seems like a last-ditch effort to try to win back their audience. Do you think they'll be any success in this and this is how it should be done? 

WEATHERS: Well, we quickly went from the Clydesdales to a freak show, and now they're like, oh wait, bring back the Clydesdale, the horses. Dumb Americans, we love you. We're part of you. You're idiots. Buy our beer. Forget we're pro all the garbage wokeness opposed to everything you believe in, middle America. Look at horses and buy our beer.

So, America, all I have to say is don't be this dumb. Buy any other brand even another woke brand. But the problem is we have to send a message to one. Until we truly send a serious economical message to a company this will never end and they'll treat you as idiots and think they can put pictures of pretty places, of horses, and you'll change your mind. What I've seen in response to that video on Twitter, the response was not overwhelmingly positive so I think people have their eyes open this time.