Another OAN host left the network to work for Donald Trump

Natalie Harp joins Christina Bobb as the second OAN personality to leave the network to work for Trump in recent weeks

Natalie Harp OAN

Natalie Harp on OAN

On Thursday night, One America News Network’s Dan Ball announced that The Real Story host Natalie Harp had quietly exited the far-right channel for a job with Donald Trump. Harp is the second OAN host to leave the embattled channel for Trump-world following Christina Bobb’s recent departure.  

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Citation From the March 24, 2022, edition of OAN's Real America with Dan ball

After a concerned viewer wrote into Ball’s show inquiring about Harp’s week-long absence, Ball announced that Natalie and Bobb “are now working for 45, President Donald J. Trump.”

Bobb had announced recently that she was “leaving OAN, kind of,” to help “fight for election integrity” with Trump’s Save America Pac. 

Like Bobb, Harp was central to OAN's promotion of the Big Lie. Since the former Trump Advisory Board member’s March 2021 debut, Harp pushed a variety of patently false, absurd claims about various conservative causes and the 2020 election, Her sycophantic coverage earned her Trump’s praise.