NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield: Mainstream media members should ask Trump to pardon their “treasonous” behavior

Stinchfield: Journalists “are enemies of the people because they’re trying to tear this nation up”

From the August 27 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): The media is melting down over those caught up in legal battles with any association to the Trump campaign and President Trump himself. They yell things like this to him.


STINCHFIELD: The president ignores activists like this, just waiting to pounce. You hear them yelling who is he going to pardon. They want him destroyed. They want his administration and, in turn, America to fail just so they can say, “We told you so,” and elect a left-wing Democrat into office. Here’s how the president should answer those questions about who he will pardon. He should just yell back, “You should be asking for a pardon.” Reporters, editors, producers, anyone associated with the mainstream media should be asking for a pardon. They are the ones who have abused and even weaponized the First Amendment. When they try to actively destroy a country, to me that’s treasonous. But that is where the media is today. The reason they don’t ask for a pardon is because they know they won’t get it. For a few reasons. One, they’re guilty. They are enemies of the people because they’re trying to tear this nation up. Two, they show no signs of remorse, there's no attempt to make up for any of their devious ways. And three, they know the president wouldn’t pardon the mainstream media. Not because he despises them, but because the American people who elected him wouldn’t stand for it. Finally, the mainstream media is being exposed as an un-American counterforce to everything that this country stands for. Maybe the media needs to ask for a pardon not from President Trump, but from the American people.


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