NRATV’s Grant Stinchfield: Colin Kaepernick “hates everything good about America” just like Satan

Stinchfield: “Satan is an arrogant SOB. So is Kaepernick”

From the January 18 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): How is it now that Colin Kaepernick, the kneeling flag-hater, still gets publicity? He failed in the NFL not because he disrespects America, law enforcement, our military and every fan who just wanted to escape the woes of the world for three hours. Yet he still -- [the] left props him up as a hero. The left does. I still won’t buy any Nike products, because of their support for a man who knows no support for the men and women willing to die for all of us. So when I'm joined in my quest to expose Kaepernick as the fraud that he is, I had to tell you about this tweet that I saw. It comes from Miami sports columnist Armando Salguero, responding to an idea that the Miami Dolphins bring back Kaepernick as their quarterback. He writes, very simply, “I’d rather have Satan at QB.” He tweeted that. He made me laugh. It proves to me there are still a few common sense folks out there writing columns for local papers. The goons over in the left-wing media outlets will probably try to claim that I support Satan for quarterback of the Dolphins now. I do not. Both are really bad choices for the same reasons. Satan hates everything good about America. So does Kaepernick. Satan is an arrogant SOB. So is Kaepernick. But most of all, Satan can’t play football. Neither can Colin Kaepernick.

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