NRATV's Dan Bongino calls automatic voter registration an “attack” on our election system

Experts have found that automatic voter registration drastically increases voter turnout and makes elections more secure 

From the March 29 edition of The Dan Bongino Show

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DAN BONGINO (HOST): Maryland is now going to be, looks like the 11th state -- you saw this Joe -- to pass automatic voter registration. So there's a two front attack going on on in our election system, and the two fold attack by the Democrats is substantial and is just as dangerous as any of these foreign attacks we've seen as well. They want automatic voter registration very simply, and its gonna be based on anyone's interaction with state agencies. Now who has interaction with state agencies? People, a lot of who are in the country illegally. 

They want to get you signed up for the voter rolls so that they can go out and target you. It's relatively easy, if you're on the voter rolls, for people with walk lists to go out and knock on your door. And listen, voting's great, you should vote, I'm not disincentivizing anyone to vote. But you should be voting because you can vote, you're legal -- you're in the country legally, and you have an interest in the process. If you don't have an interest in the process and don't care, you know, then you're a disinterested voter, then you know what, that's fine, do your thing, its your freedom to vote or not vote. But automatically enrolling people in the process, which potentially enrolls illegals as well, is very very dangerous. So step number one is this automatic voter registration, we're seeing it now in Maryland where they're trying this now. I'm going to include an article in the show notes, it's a short one from The Hill about this today. They would be the 11th state to automatically enroll people, which would, in my opinion, unquestionably include people in the country illegal[ly] as well.  


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