NRATV’s Chuck Holton: A huge problem in America today is “young men are being turned into second-rate women”

From the May 2 edition of NRATV’s Relentless:

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DANA LOESCH (NRATV HOST): But where it concerns the Boy Scouts, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s up with some of these chicks today, if it’s just third-wave feminism. I just have to speak frankly about it, it is pretty damn annoying because I think -- where do men go? I mean, you’re a dude, Chuck. You don’t have any refuge in society anymore. Where do dudes go? You can’t have Boy Scouts, you can’t have your men's only club, you can’t do anything like that because somebody out there who doesn’t have enough to do in their day freaks out and decides to act like it’s exclusionary. Well then create your own. That’s never an option, though, for people. It’s all about getting -- you know if Girl Scouts were unhappy because they didn’t do camping or whatever it was, or marksmanship, then reform Girl Scouts. Don’t take over Boy Scouts and then just -- that doesn’t make any sense. That was specifically about turning, and helping boys grow into becoming young men.    

CHUCK HOLTON (NRATV HOST): Well and you just brought up a huge problem in America, Dana, and that is that young men are being turned into second-rate women. That most of their teachers are women, that they’re raised mostly by mothers, I mean obviously, especially in inner city communities, the majority of young men, of young boys, are raised in single parent households. And that’s usually a mother. There’s a huge dearth of manly example in our society today. And a place like the Boy Scouts was kind of the last refuge of where a boy could go, he could have some positive male role models. It’s not to say that women are not strong. It’s not to say that women can’t present a good role model to a boy. But boys are hardwired to want to identify with the men.


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