NRATV on shooting: YouTube brought on “a lot of hatred” by “starting to censor content”

From the April 4 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Chuck, we were one of the first to report on this yesterday, and you and I were both on [NRA national spokesperson] Dana Loesch’s show, and I was on [NRATV contributor] Dan Bongino’s show as this was breaking. You and I were both very careful not to speculate about what happened. Not to call into question what happened. And yet while we were being very careful, while we were asking questions and waiting for answers, the left was out there literally pushing this narrative that the shooting was somehow the NRA’s fault and that I need to apologize for a tweet that NRATV sent out of one of my videos.         

CHUCK HOLTON (NRATV CORRESPONDENT): Well Grant, as usual, the facts don’t matter to them and as usual they went ahead and made fools of themselves by jumping to conclusions about what was going on there at YouTube headquarters. And, you know, I have talked about this before, YouTube making these changes where they’re going from being a platform for videos to being a publisher of videos, meaning that they are starting to censor content here and there, whatever, actually opens them up to liability and it opens them up to a lot of hatred from people around the world. Bottom line is, as it turns out, this shooter was just pretty downright crazy even by California standards and that’s saying something.            


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