NRATV Host: We will never apologize for inflammatory and widely condemned ad that targeted the resistance movement

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch: Critics of the ad are “the individuals who sanction arson, who sanction property destruction, who sanction assault of innocent people”

From the June 30 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): That one line has liberals going crazy. The clenched fist of truth. Truth is a word. It is our main weapon in the war on words that is going on throughout America today. Liberals want us at the NRA and NRATV to apologize for that message. We are not going to apologize for that -- we never will. Why would we apologize for the truth and exposing the truth and liberals for what they are? Chaos creators.


DANA LOESCH (NRA SPOKESPERSON): Back when this ad was taped, it was actually right before the NRA annual meetings and it was put online back it April. And there wasn’t really a lot said about it. And normally, when something goes viral, you can track the momentum of that. If it's an organic viral thing, you can track the buzz, you can track the momentum and you can actually watch it trend as more and more people talk about it and it becomes popular. What was interesting about the reaction to this video is that it hit the day before yesterday, later in the day, all of a sudden. There was no organic movement of it. It was just immediately a bunch of people who are roughly associated, DeRay McKesson and Shannon Watts and other individuals, all tweeted about it relatively at the exact same time and then started pushing the racism element – accusing me of being a racist and accusing me of inciting in this video. It was an organized effort not only to try to put a dent in the armor of the gun rights movement, but it was also an effort by the left, by the individuals who sanction arson, who sanction property destruction, who sanction assault of innocent people who simply want to attend a rally, and it was an attempt to squelch out any criticism or dissent of those illegal actions that they masquerade and push out there as some form of protected peaceful protest. Which it isn’t. Again, there is nothing wrong in this video. I stand by it 100 percent and every attempt to intimidate me or shut me down is only going to make me talk louder. I enjoy confrontation like this and I enjoy a good fight, and look there is a difference between peaceful assembly and violent riots. And that’s exactly – I don’t know how much more clearer I can be with the people who read with pictures. I don’t know how much clearer it needs to be made. I am telling people that the arson and the property destruction and the assault is bad, Grant. While literal actual footage of arson and property destruction and assault is either playing behind me or its included as an excerpt in this video. And so for the individuals out there -- and this is what really sends a chill down my spine, Grant -- the individuals out there that conflate peaceful protest with violent riots and insist that they are the same thing.   

STINCHFIELD: Yeah and they are not, and so I believe that when you talk about Shannon Watts and the Michael Bloomberg group Everytown For Gun Safety, I do believe they were probably sitting around a table, they've got nothing else to do, they are losing every war that they try to fight against guns, and they come up and they say well let’s get back to this video, and let’s get the mainstream media on board and they concocted a whole plan to roll this out. And in many respects for them it worked, but the reality is it also works for us Dana, because that video is now been seen by more eyes than they ever would have wanted it to be seen and I promise you there are more people that agree with everything you said in that video than don’t, and it's finally getting the play that it deserves.


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