NRATV host says PolitiFact's “lie of the year” about Parkland survivors actually “got no traction” -- but an NRA board member pushed it

Grant Stinchfield: PolitiFact should have chosen “the NRA is a terrorist organization” as its “lie of the year,” rather than the crisis actor conspiracy theory

From the December 14 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): The smear campaign against gun rights advocates, Trump supporters, and NRA members continues. It’s a never ending barrage of bogus stories aimed at turning Americans against all of us. PolitiFact again weighs into the cesspool of smears with it’s “lie of the year” award. An outrageous conspiracy theory that got no traction and was denounced by every reputable conservative outlet, including all of us here on Stinchfield at NRATV, that some of the Parkland students were crisis actors. Anyone who pushed that bogus theory is far out of line and I called them out as such over and over again. I never waged war against Parkland kids. Occasionally, I would try to re-educate them on their misinformation about guns and the Second Amendment. But I, and most conservatives, applauded their passion and always said their voice counts too. Which means the crisis actor lie was a bogus idea that most likely no one except those on the fringe ever heard. So why does PolitiFact make this their lie of the year? As if the nonsense theory really mattered. Here’s why, it’s part of their effort to besmirch all of us. It’s designed to dupe uninformed Americans into thinking all of us horrible 2A supporters were attacking innocent Parkland victims. We weren't, and none of us pushed the crisis actor story because it was all fake and ridiculous. But more importantly, not based in fact. Here is the award I pick for lie of the year, how about this one: The NRA is a terrorist organization and it’s members are all terrorists. It isn’t just the fringe left pushing that idea either. Democratic congressmen and women, senators, high-profile entertainers all went down that road that this, the NRA, is a terrorist organization.

STINCHFIELD: So just to review all of this, a fringe, right-wing podcaster calls Parkland students crisis actors, a label no one believed while those who are on the left, who are leaders of the left, calls NRA members and leaders terrorists. Every democrat in America jumps on board with that, and PolitiFact goes with the crisis actor line as their lie of the year. It’s all shameful, really.   


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