NRATV host says Parkland shooting is just like Benghazi, and liberals are to blame

Grant Stinchfield: “We’ve got people dead from Benghazi, we’ve got people dead at Parkland and liberal leadership is at the height of all of it”

From the February 27 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): You know, I can’t help but draw comparisons to Benghazi. Now that was a terrorist attack, you could make the argument that this guy was a terrorist in what he rained down on that school. You had so many warnings, Kris, you and the men that you fought with over there warned about Benghazi over and over again that there were threats and there were security flaws and issues there. Now we see that there were warnings over and over again. We as Americans, I’m sad to say, we’re not learning lessons from other events and we could have learned – whether it was Benghazi or any other school shooting, this school wasn’t ready and they should have been.

KRIS PARONTO: That’s because we let politicians and political correctness, and that was in Benghazi and that was also in Florida, take charge. We’re not looking at common sense anymore, we’re letting agendas drive this. And when we let agendas drive this, we let left-wing agendas drive this, and I'm going to say this specifically when we let left-wing agendas drive this, this is what we see. We see loss of life. We see people die. If that isn't just a common denominator on this whole thing then people need to, again, wake up. I’m telling you to wake up. You gotta stop listening to the left-wing politicians. If you do we’re going to keep seeing this catastrophic events. We’re going to see the decline of morality in society which is partly responsible for this as well.

STINCHFIELD: All right, so here’s another comparison with Benghazi and what happened in Parkland. You’ve got this leader, this sheriff, this Scott Israel who is an absolute disgrace to anyone that wants to call himself a leader. He said that he provided amazing leadership through all of this. It reminds me of the State Department that somehow wanted to shirk its responsibility for everything that went down in Benghazi. I want to roll a soundbite from Sheriff Scott Israel and then get your response from it. So let’s roll that.


SHERIFF SCOTT ISRAEL: As I said, I’m the sheriff. My name is on the door. The people who are responsible are the ones who took the calls and didn’t follow up on them. As it was with the FBI, as it was with any person. Leaders are responsible for the agency. Leaders are not responsible for a person. I gave him a gun, I gave him a badge, I gave him the training. If he didn’t have the heart to go in, that’s not my responsibility.


STINCHFIELD: It sounds like Hillary Clinton “What difference does it make?” This is what liberal leadership gets you. No responsibility, no accountability, we’ve got people dead from Benghazi, we’ve got people dead at Parkland and liberal leadership is at the height of all of it.    


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