NRATV host: Opposition to 3D printed guns is just “a way to scare ordinary people away from supporting the Second Amendment”

From the July 30 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Felons will be printing out guns, they declare. Heck, they’ve even come up with a name for the guns manufactured that way. Ghost guns. The frightening name is by design. These gun haters will tell you stories of criminals and mass shooters producing their guns on home computers, and printing them out in their mom’s basement. Forget about whether you support 3D printing or don’t support it, I want to spell out a few facts before you buy into the anti-gun hype. 3D printers are not cheap, in fact the cheapest one capable of printing out a gun is about $1,250, maybe. But you would most likely need one that costs around $3,500 to do it right. And when I say right, it makes a gun that looks like this: ugly, bulky, made of plastic and if you’re lucky, and I mean very lucky, it’ll only fire one or two rounds before being rendered useless. Not to mention it’s still far cheaper for people to go buy a gun than it is to make their own. The guns are made of plastic, by the way, which means they would be undetectable by a metal detector. That also means they are already outlawed under federal law. Every gun manufactured in America has to have a metal plate in it. But liberals don’t tell you federal law already prohibits the scary, undetectable guns. Liberals are sounding the alarms over. You see this whole 3D printing, ghost gun controversy isn’t really about the ghost guns. It’s about all guns and finding a way to scare ordinary people away from supporting the Second Amendment.   


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