NRATV host: New Zealand mosques targeted by mass killer should have had armed guards

From the March 18 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): It is amazing the calls for gun control that occur just moments after the shooting unfolds. So if the shooting in New Zealand teaches us anything, it should teach us that our soft targets need to be fortified. I am saddened by the stark reality that the absolute evil exists in the world. That there are people in this world so deranged, they’ll kill 50 people because they don’t like the way they look or what they believe in. The left will use the New Zealand massacre to push for more gun laws, we see it already. Which brings us to why. The well intentioned but confused left wants to shirk individual responsibility for their own safety and security, and hand it off solely to law enforcement. Those who are part of the devious left will use tragedy to snatch your rights. And it has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with an ultimate quest for government centered power. Either way, more gun laws make us less safe, that is a fact. Instead of relying solely on police to keep us safe, we must rely on ourselves first, using police as the calvary, can we at least hold off an evil killer, minimize the carnage until police arrive? That is up to us. We now know all too well what soft targets are. Sadly, they’ve been and continue to be targets by killers. Churches, synagogues, and yes mosques, and schools and concerts too. An armed killer will always have the upper hand over an unarmed group no matter how large. Every religious institution, every school needs to have a plan. And sadly, I believe they need armed security too. Those armed sheepdogs are there to watch over the flock to protect them. Without the armed good guy, the innocent are left at the mercy of the evil doer. And that is never a spot I want to be in.


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