NRATV host: Maxine Waters shouldn’t be encouraging anti-administration protests because she “is a black woman who grew up in St. Louis”

Stinchfield: “The woman who was once oppressed is making the argument to … oppress others”

From the June 26 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Congresswoman Maxine Waters actually stated that we won’t be able to go anywhere, not shopping, not out to restaurants, because we support Donald Trump. Think of this, Maxine Waters is a Black woman who grew up in St. Louis during a time when Blacks were barred from many restaurants, forced to drink from certain water fountains, just because of the color of their skin. She was persecuted because of her color. I bet there were times when she and her family were afraid to venture outside of her home. Now she’s calling on people to harass and intimidate people because of their beliefs.


STINCHFIELD: Look, we aren’t criminals, we’re conservatives and we believe in a different vision than she does. And that’s OK. I will always make my case for why freedom is better than oppression. Yet the woman who was once oppressed is making the argument to squash freedom and oppress others. Dissent is American, harassment and violence is not. Maxine Waters, you should be ashamed of yourself. Yes, you got the headlines and the media attention you so desperately wanted, but you’re also damaging the nation you were elected to represent. But even worse, you are now putting your fellow Americans in danger by egging on the violent intolerance of others.                


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