NRATV host lectures Mark Hamill on his support for gun safety laws: “What if the Galactic Republic outlawed lightsabers and ray guns?”

From the December 20 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): The actor who played Luke Skywalker on and off for thirty years told the Herald Sun this about the need for more gun control: “I mean it’s crazy, America has a lot of crazy people and the gun laws are just totally wrong and disproportionate for what we need.” At first, the way I read this I thought hey, I agree, our gun laws are too extreme. But that isn’t where Mark Hamill is going, he’s insisting they are wrong and disproportionate because they are too lax and not strict enough. Once again we get a Hollywood millionaire, protected on set by armed body guards 24/7, and he thinks our gun laws are too strict. He’s also a hypocrite. Star Wars was and is a violent movie. All of them are. Shoot 'em up thrillers at their best. What if the Galactic Republic outlawed lightsabers and ray guns? No more armed spaceships. Darth Vader’s evil empire would have run ramshod over Skywalker. Han Solo would have died who knows how many movies ago. In fact, the lightsabers and laser guns are what gave the good guys in every Star Wars movie a fighting chance. Does someone really need to remind Luke Skywalker of that? Give me a break, Mark Hamill. Go back to Hollywood, drink a latte, and call security to watch your back. You clearly aren't capable of doing it on your own. Sadly what you fail to realize is that there are real Stormtroopers out there and I refuse to face them unarmed.


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