NRATV host: LeBron James speaking out against Trump is “tearing his own reputation apart”

From the August 1 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): You know the truth this, that whole thing makes me sad. It makes me sad for America, [The Daily Caller's] Amber Athey, because LeBron James is a superstar and I'm sure he's a very smart guy. [CNN's] Don Lemon does his best to divide this nation and using that, they are just trying to smear President Trump. Whether LeBron James really believes this or whether he’s been snowed into believing this, it’s disgusting. But for the two of them to sit up there and snicker and laugh and giggle about how this president wants to divide us all, when in fact minority unemployment -- just to give one little feather in President Trump’s cap -- is at an all time low, I don’t think that’s dividing minorities. It’s despicable what they’re doing there, and they’re both people in positions of power, especially LeBron James. There are young people that will buy into what he’s saying and it makes me sad for those young people. It makes me sad for LeBron James because he’s tearing his own reputation apart.


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