NRATV host on John Legend's police brutality comments: “Stop lying ... and start singing”

Grant Stinchfield: The NRA’s agenda is to “protect America from people like you, who want to tear it apart”

From the April 30 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIElD (HOST): Another leftist triggered by facts. Hollywood elites vilify our brave men and women in blue. The same people that protect them at their events, concerts and dinners, you name it. Music star John Legend is one of the leading voices in these attacks. We called him out for his violent rhetoric, claiming that police shoot black people all the time for no reason at all. Former New York Police Chief Bernard Kerik joined my program, and we laid out the facts for John Legend. And in typical leftist fashion, he ignored the facts and instead continued to spew his rhetoric. In a tweet, John Legend wrote this, “I wonder what makes life more difficult for police. That we have so many guns per capita in America or me being upset when cops get away with murder. The NRA is a danger to this nation and to the police.” So, what does John Legend do? He completely ignores what Commissioner Kerik and I talked about. Because we went through the data, and the very small chance that amounts to nearly zero that anyone, including black men, will be shot and killed by a police officer. But John Legend doesn’t care about that, he doesn't care about facts. It’s easier to cry wolf than accept facts. So of course, what does he do? Like every other leftist, he attacks the NRA. He looks down at more than 5 million law abiding Americans and calls them a danger to their nation and a danger to police officers. Give me a break.


STINCHFIELD: Our agenda, John Legend, is to protect America from people like you, who want to tear it apart. We do that by using the truth, your words against you. You slam a Navy SEAL who nearly died for this country and you talk about our agenda? A mission that includes defending your rights to spew your ignorant, self-serving, leftist nonsense. John Legend, you are protected by armed security and you know it. And you want us to have to give up our guns? You don’t want us to be able to protect ourselves? That is a hypocrite. You are the most dangerous kind of devious hypocrite, though. You are one with a voice, a voice the mainstream media fawns over. We are the countermeasure. So stop lying, John Legend, and start singing. You're better at singing anyway.     


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