NRATV host: “I promise you there were reporters who were disappointed … that an AR-15 wasn’t used” during Madden 19 mass shooting

From the August 27 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): This was a 24-year-old rich white kid shooting up a video gaming tournament. All the cable outlets went with wall-to-wall coverage. Once again, more ratings gold for the anti-gun media. Meanwhile, other shootings were unfolding. In Chicago alone, you had 29 people wounded by gunfire this weekend, two of them killed. Do you hear that? 29 people shot. The media ignored that story, as they always do. Liberal reporters who claim to be the voice of the people, ignore the people if they happen to live in the hood. It’s media racism and the coverage, or lack of coverage thereof proves it. Don’t get me wrong, both stories deserve coverage, both of them. They deserve equal coverage, but here’s what will happen: the media will continue to ignore what’s happening in Chicago because it doesn’t involve white fancy suburbs. They will also forget about Jacksonville because the death toll just isn’t big enough for them. Tell that to the mothers of two young gamers who died. Plus, the shooter used a handgun, not the all vilified AR-15. Yes, I promise you there were reporters who were disappointed, you hear me, disappointed that an AR-15 wasn’t used.             


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