NRATV host has a meltdown over Childish Gambino’s This is America winning a Grammy

Grant Stinchfield likens the video to “an ISIS video in a Syrian warehouse” and says that the real problem is ” minorities killing minorities"

From the February 12 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): The rapper Childish Gambino took home album of the year, it’s titled This Is America. And the video that goes with it starts like this.


STINCHFIELD: It’s not America. That is not America. In fact that looks more like an ISIS video in a Syrian warehouse than anywhere in America. Here’s the thing, I believe the reason Gambino won this award was because it’s perceived as anti-gun. In my humble opinion, the song isn't that good. And my son forces me to listen to Top 40 stations and I could recite far too many of those songs word for word. I’ve never heard of This is America. Which means the Grammy folks like it, the people didn’t. If the people loved it, the radio stations would play it every ten minutes, trust me I know.

STINCHFIELD: The sad part is Gambino’s childish view of so-called gun violence in America today. It’s not mass shootings [that] are killing children in overwhelming numbers. It’s Black-on-Black crime. Hispanic-on-Hispanic crime. The stark reality is it’s minorities killing minorities that has become an epidemic that gun control zealots appear not to care a damn thing about. White kids shot in school, that’s wall-to-wall coverage. Not that it doesn’t deserve that coverage, it does. Not that I don’t want to stop all mass shootings, I do. But on some weekends, more kids are killed in Chicago than in Parkland or Santa Fe, and that gets no coverage, and that’s wrong. But don’t get me wrong, one mass shooting is far too many. Just as one murder in the hood is too many as well, but it’s childish to think guns are to blame for all of this when we have society that is training our kids to have no regard for human life much less a regard for their own life. Childish Gambino should focus on that, instead he did exactly what would win him a Grammy. He focused on guns and of course racism in America trying to make half of America look bad by calling out oppression instead of encouraging empowerment.


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