NRATV host: “Gun violence is a silly term” because it's actually “people violence”

From the March 11 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): The anti-gun zealots that now make up almost every elected Democrat lawmaker in Washington and beyond are continuing to show just how anti-gun they are. The House Democrats are moving forward with legislation that will offer up $50 million of taxpayer money to study gun violence. These studies are useless. Like most government-funded studies, they start with an agenda. The goal of a Democrat-backed federal research will be to set out to find any evidence it can to paint guns and gun owners as a danger that must be stopped. The problem is in their quest to prove how evil guns are, they will twist statistics, study only part of the problem or issue and they will refuse to reveal anything serving as evidence to why guns help save countless lives in America every day. This $50 million gun violence study will be a sham. A bought and paid for piece of propaganda that Democrats will trod out as evidence. Gun violence is a silly term anyway. It’s people violence that I see, that I want to stop. Violent people from using illegal guns. Violent people from using knives, trucks, bombs, or even their hands. You see, the Democrats insist on focusing on a tool, the gun, instead of focusing on the users of that tool. The study will never look into real issues that contribute to evil-doers using guns like anti-police policies in cities that need the police the most, not enforcing laws already on the books in the name of political correctness, coddling criminals instead of going after them and by the way, I don’t need a study to prove these things lead to more crime.           


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