NRATV host finds a way to blame the Parkland school shooting on the Obama administration

Grant Stinchfied: FBI's failure to follow up on tips about the shooter was the result of a culture from “Barack Obama and the Hillary Clinton days”

From the February 19 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Now we look at the investigation into this shooter, and all of the signs missed. You know number one being, as early as January the FBI got a tip that this shooter was dangerous, that he was deranged, and by all accounts everyone that knew him were worried he would do something like this. What happened? The FBI now acknowledges it failed to act, it actually apologized for failing to act on all of this. I actually believe that the FBI needs new leadership. It has gone astray. The line FBI agents that are doing the good work of Americans trying to keep us safe need new leadership. They are so focused on politics and Russian investigations that it is time the FBI got back to the business of keeping Americans safe instead of being so focused on political vendettas. […] The FBI has now gone down this road, and I do believe it’s coming from leadership and not the agents themselves, about becoming such a political entity. And I think it is all a holdover from Barack Obama and the Hillary Clinton days. And now Trump has his hands full. And sadly, things slip through the cracks, that we have people that got killed over this.

CHUCK HOLTON (NRATV CORRESPONDENT): Yeah, no question whatsoever, Grant. The Obama administration made a very intentional push to change the nature, to change the political climate in the military and in law enforcement, especially federal law enforcement, around the country. And in many ways, they succeeded. In the previous eight years, you could not get promoted unless you signed on to the radical agenda of the Obama administration. And that was -- that led to what we see today. This deep state that is working actively against our president and that is not good for our country. There is no two ways about it. That is just not healthy for our country. 


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