NRATV host fabricates claim Sen. Kamala Harris and other Democratic presidential hopefuls have called NRA members “terrorists”

NRATV host Grant Stinchfield: Harris is “anti-Constitution”

From the May 21 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Because the anti-gun left can’t win the battle over ideas, they want us to fight each other. Americans versus Americans. Identity politics is what they play at its worst. Gun owners versus non-gun owners. Minorities versus everyone else. The tired old bogus claim that Republicans have a war on women, that’s bubbling back up too. Over the weekend, [Sen.] Kamala Harris wants to punish companies that don’t pay women enough. As a business owner myself, I’d love to know how you compete for employees in this booming economy if you don’t pay your employees market wages or even above-market wages. The women she claims to be fighting for would just go get new jobs.

Here is what it is really about: punishment. This claim by Kamala to punish companies is the same claim as punishing gun owners. Punishing anyone she doesn’t see as a potential voter who don’t agree with her radical left-wing agenda. She will punish you. NRA members, I’m talking about you. Democrats like Kamala Harris are not pro-free markets, which makes them anti-business and anti-consumer. She may not realize that because she doesn’t understand free market principles. Just as being anti-gun and anti-gun owner makes her anti-Constitution. She may not know that because she doesn’t understand the Constitution and just how important it is. Instead, she and her fellow disarmament primary members, want to make us all the enemy. These are the people that call NRA members “terrorists.” Terrorists. What they fail to remember is that when you become president, you represent everyone. Someone who despises half the nation is not who we want at the helm.


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