NRATV host: Congress will “start with bump stocks and it ends with an all out assault on the Second Amendment”

NRA wants only the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to regulate accessory used by Las Vegas gunman, but the agency doesn't have the authority to do so

From the October 6 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): I want to issue you a warning this morning, the Democrats and their anti-gun Dianne Feinstein circus don’t care about bump stocks, those recoil spring-loaded stocks that turn common use rifles into automatic weapons, they care about destroying the Second Amendment. They want to ban bump stocks in Congress, through legislation. The deceitful gun haters will use every trick in the book to attach all kinds of anti-gun amendments to that bill, universal background checks, waiting periods, purchase limits, you name it. The NRA and all of us here at NRATV will fight tooth and nail to stop that from happening. We don’t want bump stocks banned or confiscated, we believe they should be regulated. Something the Obama administration could have done years ago and didn’t. It's why the NRA is now calling on the ATF to review bump stocks, reclassify them if necessary, regulate them, but this belongs with the ATF. It caused the problems, now it needs to fix them.


STINCHFIELD: Congress doesn't need to waste time on legislating bump stocks when the ATF can do this. The first gun-related bill this Congress should be voting on is national reciprocity, that’s what our members care about. Then deregulate suppressors. This is what we here at NRATV are focused on pushing because the warning signs, folks, are all there.


STINCHFIELD: Well I will tell you, they start with bump stocks and it ends with an all out assault on the Second Amendment. By the end of the day yesterday, these were the types of headlines that were plastered across TV screens everywhere, “The Second Amendment under attack.” You better believe it is. A heinous crime has now been hijacked anti-gunners to push an un-America agenda. As Democrats use the bump stock issue as a ruse to jam Congress’ ability to pass anything, I will call them out. It is despicable to use a deadly attack like we saw in Las Vegas to push a political agenda. The members of the Feinstein circus should be ashamed of themselves


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