NRATV host calls Rep. Maxine Waters “un-American”

Grant Stinchfield accuses Rep. Waters of “tyrannical behavior”

From the April 11 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Representative Maxine Waters, a woman who routinely calls for the impeachment of Donald Trump, showed the world just how vicious and disrespectful she can be. I show you this because it is an exchange that is proof of the iron fist the Democrats prefer to rule with. If they ever control both chambers of congress and the White House, conservatives would be in for an all-out beat down. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin informed the committee that he needed to leave at 5 P.M. to meet a foreign dignitary. After 5 P.M came and went, he reminded Chairwoman Waters of the agreement and his obligation to meet with a representative from Bahrain. That respectful request was met with this.

STINCHFIELD: Earlier she says, “I have the gavel now, it’s a new day.” You see what we are up against? It borders on tyrannical behavior. When you talk about a party of obstruction, that is an understatement. You have a high ranking member of the Trump cabinet, the secretary of the treasury, willing to come back for as long as they need and Maxine Waters acts in a way that I would hope makes her own mother cringe. She was rude, overbearing, unfair and yes, un-American. Un-American because she refused to act in the spirit of cooperation and in the best interests of this nation. The secretary had an important meeting with a representative of a foreign nation. We as Americans would hope Congress would allow him to do his job without getting in the way. When you prevent the secretary from doing what is in the best interests of America, yes, that is un-American.                 


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