NRATV host calls Pulse nightclub victims “sheep” on one-year anniversary of Orlando massacre

During NRA's news show, NRA national spokesperson Dana Loesch said clubgoers should “always have a designated concealed carrier”

From the June 12 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): We saw protests around the country over Sharia law, and groups coming out and literally protesting what Sharia law stands for. Now the mainstream media wanted to make it out as if they were protesting Islam. They were not. They were protesting just how oppressive Sharia law is. That gays should be killed, homosexual behavior not tolerated, we know how they feel about women. And I also think if you can learn from what happened –


STINCHFIELD: Dana, I also think what we can learn from Orlando is the fact that they will also exploit weakness. And they knew inside that nightclub there would be no armed security, there would be nobody else there to fight back. And they took advantage of sheep that were just, sadly, trapped there.

DANA LOESCH: Yeah, there was one, from what I believe from the police report, there was one armed guard out front, but when you consider the amount of individuals who are inside the club and the fact that this radical Islamic terrorist was scoping it out, it's one against one at that particular point, and he was able to gain entry inside the club, get past one guard at the front, and was able to gain entry inside the club. And I want to point out that two weeks after Orlando, Grant, two weeks after Orlando, there was another attempted shooting, another attempted mass shooting at a club, I believe it was in South Carolina, but you know what? That was thwarted because of a concealed-carry permit holder who stopped that individual from carrying out another mass shooting at another nightclub. Because that was not a gun-free zone, and because different states have different laws regarding alcohol and food content, et cetera. But all of that, that was thwarted because of a concealed-carry permit holder. Grant, you and I talked before after all of this happened about how we have designated drivers. We should also employ designated concealed carriers. I know that when I go out, if I go out in a group, we always have a -- just as you would have a designated driver, of course I’m not really a drinker, but you always have a designated concealed carrier. You always have one of those individuals because we live in a new reality, Grant, where we are seeing domestic terror incidents on the rise, where we are seeing terrorist attacks across Europe. And they have absolutely no mercy or no shame. They will attack anyone and everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. We need to be prepared.  


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