NRATV host calls the 2018 Women’s March “an anti-American movement”

Grant Stinchfield: “Self-described feminists act more like whiny, out of touch children”

From the January 23 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:  

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): So after a week of listening to self-described feminists act more like whiny, out of touch children, the real motive of these so called Women’s Marchs has become clear. These are nothing more than Democratic pep rallies aimed at appealing to the left-wing faction of the Democratic Party. They are publicity stunts organized to create so much hate for President Trump and those of us that support him, that come 2018 these extremists will flock to the polls like pink flamingos whose arguments and beliefs only have, well, one leg to stand on. The leg of a socialist, radical leftist. The media, as expected, fawned over these angry women, upset that they have (sic) been handed success in America and that they can’t find it or get it. Angry that what they feel they deserve didn't some how miraculously appear like a present from Santa Claus. Success takes hard work and opportunity. What’s most amazing about these women is their silly pink hats, of course. It’s also that they want to squash opportunity with their socialist agenda. And without opportunity, there will be no upward mobility in this country. Not for women, not for anyone. But the masses who attended these rallies are all ignorant and blind to realize this. That’s not the case for the leaders, though. This is an anti-American movement. They want to simply profit off hate. Hate for President Trump, hate for guns, hate for freedom and certainly hate for all of you.


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