NRATV guest: The black community has an enslaved mentality because of the Democratic Party

From the May 3 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): So what do you make of all this Kanye stuff? Truthfully, I was surprised, it was well thought out and you look at some of these liberal outlets. They called it a rant, they called it unhinged. I actually thought what he had to say was fairly interesting.       

BRANDON MORSE (REDSTATE): Most of what he had to say was actually really great to hear. It was just overshadowed by his slavery comments. The slavery comments, however, if you actually just -- following what he was saying was, what he was talking about was the mentality of being enslaved and how that’s a choice, that’s something you can break free from. It was not easy to get that from what he was saying because, I mean what he did say was pretty controversial. If you really break down what he was talking about, what he said made perfect sense. The black community has been in this enslaved mentality with the Democratic Party for forever. You can see that in what [Rep.] Maxine Waters (D-CA) had to say when she was talking about how, Trump (sic) needs to watch what he says, maybe there could be someone who comes in there and corrects his wrong think, and makes sure that he doesn’t say as much next time. Who are you to tell Kanye what he can and can’t believe? Who are you to tell any black man what he can and can’t believe? I think that Kanye’s right to point this out. The Democratic Party has done absolutely nothing for the black community. They have only driven them into squalor. They have only put them under the government's thumb. Kanye is absolutely correct to call that out and switch parties.               


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