NRATV correspondent: Liberals have “so much in common” with ISIS: “They both hate America”

From the February 13 edition of NRATV’s Stinchfield:

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CHUCK HOLTON (NRATV CORRESPONDENT): I don’t really understand how these progressives or these liberals can call the NRA ISIS in America, and act as if that’s a bad thing when they take so much common cause with ISIS. I mean, if you think about it, they have so much in common. The liberals in America and ISIS -- they both hate America, they both say it’s a terrible place, they both are for open borders and –-

GRANT STINCHFIELD (NRATV HOST): Yeah, but Chuck, but Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, I’m not going to do it.


STINCHFIELD: I will not compare liberals in this country to ISIS. I will not do it. ISIS literally wants to march people out into the beach --

HOLTON: I’m not comparing them, but I just wonder if it would be –


STINCHFIELD: They literally want to march people out on the beach and lop our freaking heads off. And now I know there are liberals that hate America --

HOLTON: That's right, that's right.

STINCHFIELD: But they are not – I’m not comparing them to ISIS, I’m not going the same route that they just did to us. It’s not true. They want to harm America? Yes, in the big scheme of things absolutely.   


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